lorna flanagan

visual artist



Lorna Flanagan was born in Northern Ireland. She graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from the University of Ulster, Belfast in 1995. Previous qualifications include a BA in Mathematics from Trinity College Dublin. Her Fine Art degree work involved research into the use of the internet in Fine Art practice and to continue her exploration of multimedia tools she gained a MSc in Computer Science & Applications from Queens University Belfast. She has used her web skills both professionally and in her art work.

1996-98 she participated in Dr Dew Harrison's “Deconstructing Duchamp” project, which interconnected 26 websites created by individual internationally-sited artists and was based on Duchamp’s "The bride stripped bare by her bachelors, even", (see “Region of the Gilled Cooler”). The complete project cannot be viewed as many of the artists' web based ideas are no longer online.

Lorna Flanagan works not only in new media but also traditional materials and photography. She is a member of Visual Artists Ireland, having won several commissions during her Fine Art degree course. These included a major sculpture for the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, “Microscope”; a 3-dimensional billboard “Peace and Reconciliation” unveiled by Michael Ancram, the then Secretary Of State for NI; and stage sculptures for the University of Ulster “Fashion & Design Matters” fashion show.

Private sculpture commissions have included a large bronze piece for an outdoor collection in England. Other sculpture pieces have been text related, some in the form of “Artists’ Books” which have included materials such as glass, porcelain, tin, pewter, bronze. Recent canvases also have a sculptural quality influenced by the reliefs on ancient temples and public sculptures. Known as the “Designer Series”, the pieces are based on image focus and consumerism.